The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the fundamental principles of international relations. We will examine the theories of realism, liberalism and constructivism as they are understood in world politics. We will also explore issues that relate to the politics of conflict, diplomacy, environmental concerns, human rights, and examine the role of Africa in international relations. At the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles and concepts of International Relations, as well as the ability to critically examine the global political system.

The “Democracy and Leadership: A Way of Life” course introduces highly motivated individuals to the fundamental principles of Democracy and Leadership as a core competence for good leadership in African communities. Designed for an audience of diverse professional fields, the course participants will gain essential tools to develop their own leadership styles and map out executable frameworks that can help their local communities or organisations thrive.

In this course the participants will become acquainted with research methodologies such as experimental, survey and field research, questionnaire design, content analysis, analysis of existing data, focus group, individual and group observation, etc. The course will also introduce participants to the safeguards against errors in both data collection and data analysis and reporting. In addition, the course will draw the attention of participants to an important but often neglected aspect of research.

Do you want to be of the highest calibre in project management? Project Management is an in-demand tool and discipline and one of the fastest growing professions worldwide. The Diploma in Project Management features a wide range of project settings—from small-scale projects through to traditional large-scale industrial projects—in both service and the production industries. The course content equips you with the tools you need in today’s changing environment to strategically and successfully define, plan, and manage projects.

A Nascent Entrepreneur is a business enthusiast who is engaged in creating new ventures. To help you achieve entrepreneurial goals, master the core fundamental business functions and strategies, this course is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to develop niche businesses, online auctioneering, monetise from your website portfolio, affiliate moneymaking businesses, webmastering business, marketing campaign secrets, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), etc.

How many times have you tried to unleash your writing potential but failed to do so due to perhaps procrastination or lack of motivation? How many books have you stopped half-way reading simply because you'd thought you could have written better than the author? Have you written a book now? Do you have a story idea you intend to develop? Are you writing a story with difficulty, etc? YES? Then this easy-to-follow course is designed with you in mind.

Offered through an engaging mode of delivery, the course is designed for highly motivated individuals of diverse backgrounds who are looking forward to getting to know conflict resolution methods on a theoretical level as well as learning how to apply them in disputes, concerning relatives, friends, employees, business partners, nations, etc. The course scope encompasses, among others, understanding of conflict, types of conflict, conflict escalation, methods of peaceful conflict resolution, and listening & communication skills.

How well do you know the organisation in which you work? Or how well do you know the organisation in which you plan to work? Have you taken an in-depth look into how the organisation adapts to constantly changing requirements in today's competitive business domain? How does the workplace influence the organisation's behavioural patterms? The Flowers' Organisational Behaviour course takes a strategic approach to help you address these challenging issues, etc.